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The Complete Course Series is written by Michael and Anna Collings who run Longbow Sail Training. Previously they had been in the training departments of IBM and British Airways gaining experience in training and course writing.Wooden Longbow II and new Island Packet

With a long background in sailing they started Longbow Sail Training using a classic wooden yacht, Longbow II with both Anna and Michael instructing on each course to ensure excellence in training and value for money.

After 10 years teaching both practical and theory the logical next step was to combine previous industrial experience with sail training and produce a CD (now DVD) based course that offers the same excellence in learning that we gained our reputation for afloat and in the classroom.

The course philosophy, gained from our industrial experience, is to combine text with photographs and diagrams, many animated. This allows students to study at their own pace and not be dragged along by a commentary as happens in a video based course. The animations can be driven by the student by clicking repeatedly on the image or automatically by just clicking an icon.

Michael and Anna



Following the success of The Complete Course we now focus on keeping the Course up to date with any legislation and RYA syllabus changes. We constantly review the content and update all content as appropriate. Much of the work is done afloat while sailing and we take any opportunity to take and include new photographs which will improve student understanding.


As students have said:-

Its All You Need


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